GolfChic Covers™ - The Original Personal Seat Cover: Re-designed in 2021 to Stay-Put!

Navy Quilt with Stars & Stripes Print Trim


Stars & Stripes on Navy Quilt is the newest addition to the GolfChic Covers™ collection. 

Since 2012, GolfChic Covers™ - The Original, personal, portable, slip-on Cart Seat Cover. 

Now in 2021, GolfChic Covers were re-engineered to fit and stay in-place on the seat, 

              while retaining their Neat, Clean look and Quality our Customers have grown to expect! 


        Added Bonus, the new design makes GolfChic Covers. a One Size Fits All solution.

         GolfChic Covers2021 Collection fits golf carts with armrest widths from 40’ to 42” apart.

                    New design eliminates the need for Standard & Oversized pricing options