GolfChic Covers™ - Personal Seat Covers keep your seat clean, comfortable and looking good!
  • Black Quilted Cart Seat Cover with B&W Polka Dot Outdoor Treated Print Trim


    Quilted Seat Covers are Handcrafted with double-sided, Poly/Cotton blend material. Outside edges and armrest openings are bound with 1/2", double-folded bias tape trim. Print Trims are 7" wide print fabrics in both 100% Cotton and/or, Outdoor Treated Print materials.

    Bound opening for armrests slip easily and securely over arm rests on most standard golf carts, which are cut 40" apart.

    Standard size covers are 43" wide X 28" deep. Both arm rest openings are cut 18" in length. 

    Oversized Cover Option: Select Size Option for Yamaha/YDR (or similar) Golf Carts with 41"- 41.5" opening between inside edge of armrests. Oversived Covers are 45" X 28". Both arm rest openings are cut 19" in length.