GolfChic Covers™- your Personal Seat Covers, keep your seat clean, comfortable and looking good!
GolfChic Covers by GolfChicBags, LLC began in 2011.
Like many small businesses have, GolfChic Covers began as a hobby. Moving to Ocean Isle Beach, NC to be near the beach and play golf year-round, I saw more and more ladies putting homemade seat covers on their carts, to stay clean and dry, and stay warm in Winter, and keep cool seats in the Summer. I began making myown covers. Before long, friends began asking me  for covers, then as gifts...and before long, I was hooked. I began selling my own version and design of golf cart seat covers through one of the very popular ladies golf shoppes, here in Brunswick County, NC. And they took off! 
Golf Chic Bags, LLC was officially launched at the 2012 Carilinas Golf Association PGA Merchandise Show in Myrtle Beach. Since then, my hobby has taken on a life of its own! 
GolfChic Covers are still hand-sewn in North Carolina, they are well designed, durable, comfortable and come in many colors and styles with the very best quality, US fabrics and materials we can find, in a variety of Quilted (Cotton/Poly blend), 100% Cotton &/or Outdoor Treated Print Fabrics. 
In addition to a full array of standard Covers, we create Custom GolfChic Covers that make great Tee gifts for all kinds of Special Events, Member-Guest Tournamnets, etc.
GolfChic Covers are attractive, well made, washable and reversable! And, in addition to making you look better on the course - sitting on your own GolfChic Cover means - you'll never sit on a dirty, sticky-old cart seat again!
Protect your assets, improve your game and your integrity with a GolfChic Covers !
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Thank you for your Support, helping us maintain our focus on making Great GolfChic Covers and not having to spend time in court protecting our financial rights, having to sue others who might Copy and Sell ‘Our Product’.