GolfChic Covers® - The Original, Personal Golf Cart Seat Covers - Re-designed in 2021 to Stay-Put!

All sales are final. Golf Chic Bags, LLC will replace product/items with manufacturing defects.

How GolfChic Covers are Made is Why they're the #1, Personal Golf Cart Seat Cover!

Quality, American-made material, Design and quality craftsmanship is What Makes GolfChic Covers®

 the  #1 Choice in Personal, Portable Golf Cart Seat Covers! 

We have documented every cut and every stitch, for your and our protection.

While we have completed Registering the GolfChic Covers® Trademark, as we continue finalizing our Patents; and all other Intellectual Property Rights, Product likenesses and Descriptions we claim, we ask that you respect the design and process we've created by not copying GolfChic Covers®  in name or design.

Thank you.

GolfChic Covers® by GolfChicBags, LLC 

The Intellectual Property Rights we claim and retain:

Golf Chic Bags, LLC, creators, owners and makers of GolfChicCovers® herein states for the record, for its own financial protection, product integrity, Goodwill and Market it has created  ownership and all the rights and privileges that implies.

Golf Chic Bags, LLC  claims ownership and herein makes notification that any known use of, production of any facsimile or similarly constructed, Manufactured, Sold or Marketed Portable, Golf Cart Seat Covers, or representation thereof, shall be considered a violation of Golf Chic Bags, LLC’s Intellectual Property (and/or Properties), Processes and/or Practices by which GolfChic Covers® by GolfChicBags, LLC were created, including, but not limited to, style(s), quality, colors and types of fabric/materials used, production details, applications, marketing concepts and ideas used in the sale of GolfChic Covers®.

And as such, any and all Confidential Information shared, without written concent be kept and held in Confidence; and shall include; any and all data or information that is competitively sensitive material and not generally known to the public, including, but not limited to, information relating to development and plans, marketing strategies, finance, operations, systems, proprietary concepts, documentation, reports, data, specifications, computer software, source code, object code, flow charts, data, databases, inventions, know-how, trade secrets, customer lists, customer relationships, customer profiles, supplier lists, supplier relationships, supplier profiles, pricing, sales estimates, business plans and internal performance results relating to the past, present or future business activities, technical information, designs, processes, procedures, formulas or improvements, which Golf Chic Bags, LLC considers confidential and proprietary.

Thank you for your Support, helping us maintain our focus on making Great GolfChic Covers® and not having to spend time in court protecting our financial rights, having to sue others who might Copy and Sell ‘Our Product’.

Thank you,

Sharon Simmons Brown, Owner