GolfChic Covers™ - Personal Seat Covers keep your seat clean, comfortable and looking good!
  • B&W Zebra, 100% Cotton Print Cart Seat Covers


    Zebra Print Seat Covers are Handcrafted with Premier Prints Inc., 100% Cotton Print fabric.

    Covers are double-sided, durable and reversible.

    Bound opening for armrests slip easily and securely over arm rests on most standard golf carts, which are cut 40" apart.

    Standard size covers are 43" wide X 28" deep. Both arm rest openings are cut 18" in length.

    Oversized Cover Option: Select Size Option for Yamaha/YDR (or similar) Golf Carts with 41"- 41.5" opening between inside edge of armrests. Oversized Covers are 45" X 28".  Both arm rest openings are cut 19" in length.