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  • Birdie Blue Outdoor Treated Print Cover


    Birdie Blue Print Seat Covers are Handcrafted with Premier Prints Inc., Outdoor Treated Print Fabric. Covers are double-sided, durable and reversible.

    Bound opening for armrests slip easily and securely over arm rests on most standard golf carts, which are cut 40" apart.

    Standard size covers are 43" wide X 28" deep. Both arm rest openings are cut 18" in length.

    Oversized Cover Option: Select Size Option for Yamaha/YDR (or similar) Golf Carts with 41"- 41.5" opening between inside edge of armrests. Oversized Covers are 45" X 28".  Both arm rest openings are cut 19" in length.


    "Premier Prints, Inc.'s Outdoor Treated Fabric is the superior fabric for protection against wear and tear from rain, hail or shine. Great for all indoor/outdoor applications, Premier Prints Outdoor fabric is specifically designed to perform in all weather extremes. Made with 100% Spun Polyester printed with UV pigments, this specialized production process allows for brighter, bolder and simply better colors than other outdoor lines. The fabric is treated with DWR – Durable Water Repellent – allowing use in rainy or water-exposed environments. While also providing maximum resistance to bleach, dirt, mildew and stains - ideal for high-traffic areas. Fade resistant and UV tested for 1000 hours of direct sunlight, Premium Prints Outdoor is the preferred choice for professional interior designers when it comes to any of your outdoor needs..."